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We believe in sending out a positive message to those around us, particularly women. If you share an interest in style and feel we can deliver reach out to Style Counsel.



We also offer advice to companies. How well does your team represent your brand? Add a touch of professionalism to your 9-5 look by calling in Style Counsel.  We can tailor a session for you that covers appropriate dress in the workplace.

Why not inject a bit of fun into the office and reward your team with a session on style/dress for your body shape/what to wear?  Dressed for success? Style Counsel can show you how.

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Retail Styling/In-store stylist

Style Counsel can work with brands/shops in a number of ways. Our aim is to be your resident stylist and become your brand ambassador and go-to an all things ‘fashion’ through style events in-store, seasonal style workshops,  pulling looks for photoshoots, delivering blog posts to ‘stylist pick’ of the week. We are also adept at visual merchandising.

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For freelance fashion/style writing enquires please get in touch.

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Small businesses and organisations we like:

We don’t discriminate and have eclectic taste.