Sarah – May 2017

!’m totally stoked with the service. Thanks so much to you and Janice. I feel like a different person already!

Julie – April 2017

Thanks so much for your time the other day. It was epic but we got the job done. I’m really pleased to have ‘my dream’ which is simply to have a wardrobe that fits and looks good on me, finally! I’ve learned lots of lessons for what to wear for my shape and will take that with me too.

Desley –  April 2017

It was fantastic to meet both you and Janice. I have felt so great. Couldn’t wait to show off some of my new looks so I took my nieces out to the movies on Sunday!  Today I got so many compliments at work! My confidence has just gone sky  high! So thank you! You ladies are amazing.

AlinaMarch 2017

Thanks for the session yesterday, it was very useful and I’m happy with my new clothes and the pre-selection you made, it makes shopping so much easier, totally worth it!

Vicki – March 2017

As someone who is a little self conscious about my size, these ladies put me at total ease and for the first time in ages I’m really excited about going shopping! Thanks Ladies! I had the best time and I’ve had a great time since wearing my new wardrobe and accessories. My family and partner think the improvement is amazing! Can’t wait for more shopping with you in the future.

Olive – March 2017

Thank you so much for all of your help the last few weeks. I definitely appreciate it and have already worn a couple of the pieces and had very nice comments.

Zoe – December 2016

Everyone at work said how lovely I looked on Monday. Thank you so much for the help it was amazing and definitely set me up for the rest of the season.

Dianne – November 2016

I very much appreciated your help and advice on Friday.  I ended up going back to get the cream dress, as well as the rusty coloured dress that we had put aside. That has certainly given me a good start with the weather getting warmer.

Crystal – October 2016

Mum and I had a good time shopping on Saturday, we were talking about the rules every time we picked up something we liked 🙂 Thank you for your help.

Joanne – September 2016

Thanks so much for a really fun afternoon with the girls!    We learnt lots and had a great time.  Shopping next!!!!!

Jane – September 2016

Thanks so much for yesterday.  I think I will have a lot more confidence now when I shop.  In the past I go by what the sales assistance says rather than go with my gut …  and hence I have purchased expensive stuff and then never really worn it.  For me this is my biggest downfall.

You both have helped me understand the colours and styles that suit me.  Such as v neck, and short jackets and accessorising with jewellery.  Thanks so much for the extra work you have done with me I really appreciate it. I had a fun day and you guys are great and so passionate about what you do.  I will certainly be recommending you both:)

Heidi – August 2016

We had such a fabulous morning with you – thank you so much!!! You made it a lot of fun and we both learned a lot.  We went shopping and I must say we felt very informed as we looked around and could scan out all the unsuitable stuff quite quickly – I think you would have been proud of your new students 🙂

I’ve been out shopping today and picked up some new tops that are in the muted range that I probably wouldn’t have chosen before – but the colours do suit me (another lady shopping commented that as well).  Makes me feel good.

You ladies are awesome!!!!  It was an absolute pleasure meeting you.

Claire – August 2016

I loved our session last week and have been having lots of fun spending money and it is all your fault!!!

Here is a little something I wrote straight after you left which you can use as a testimonial.

“Janice and Pauline are a dynamic duo. Both warm, bubbly, energetic woman but also very different and likeable characters.  I have just finished a session with them and feel really excited and confident about building up a wardrobe that is going to suit and flatter me. It feels like I have just been hanging out with good girlfriends and had a really fun morning. They also made me feel comfortable about showing them my clothes and were skilful and sensitive about teaching me what clothes and colours don’t work for me. An awesome opportunity to ask all those questions about hair, clothes, shoes and make-up that I haven’t felt comfortable or confident asking anyone else. They are so full of ideas and knowledge. I highly recommend to anyone. Thanks heaps ladies!”

Jill – July 2016

Thank you so very much for a great wardrobe edit on Monday.  Kudos to both of you for your expertise in achieving a great outcome for me and making the process enjoyable.  Already I have more clarity around creating a look that is great for me.

It is true that less is more ☺

Went to Farmers this morning – would not have picked most of the things you did if I was looking around – tried them on and they were all fabulous and made me look brighter, happier and healthier!

Did recommend you both wherever I went – naturally – you are geniuses!

Profound thanks.

You have no idea what a difference you have made!  You two are amazing!

Anne – July 2016

Thank you so much for the Colour Style and Wardrobe Consult.  I got home to a very happy, motivated and inspired daughter. 100% satisfied!!

Sharon – July 2016

Thanks for the colour swatch in the mail today.  It’s awesome and it will be such a huge help to me when I go clothes shopping.

Thanks again for helping me, you guys are awesome!!

Mahe – July 2016

Thank you both for the time given to me to help find, what are the best colours for me I really enjoyed the session.

Michael – July 2016

Thank you, you both were fabulous.

Jillian (Corporate) – July 2016

Thanks we had a great day and loved hearing your advice on colours that suited us. Really helpful.

Stephanie – July 2016

I have been wearing my new lovely clothes just about every day! And had very sweet compliments from my wonderful husband, bless him 🙂

I love my new clothes, thank-you so very much for your help! You are amazing ladies and you really know your stuff!!!  Please use anything I have said on your website, no worries at all.

I really enjoyed our morning together immensely! I LOVE all my new clothes they are gorgeous and I can’t wait to show them off.  I will be recommending you to anyone and everyone 🙂

Thank-you again and I hope to do this again with you for my summer wardrobe!

Tanya (Corporate) – June 2016

Thank you, everyone really enjoyed the afternoon including the boys! Interesting to see the improvements in dress today. Long may it last.

Juliana (Corporate) – May 2016

Thanks for your contribution to the VIP night in Pukekohe.  The feedback I received is that the night went very well.  We have really enjoyed seeing you both in action, with your lively personalities the presentations are fun and quirky.

Yvonne – May 2016

You both did an awesome job, you are very talented with what you do and making people feel very treasured!

Melanie – March 2016

Thanks you so much for dressing my husband!!!  He normally hates shopping and doesn’t like to try anything different on…so I couldn’t believe that he came home with so many bags!!  He looks fabulous now and is very pleased with himself.   So from a grateful wife, thank you!!!