Style session (body shape and style analysis)

One hour – at your home or meet up in a local café – $100

Understanding how to dress for your body shape is the fundamental principle of style. Learn how to dress your proportions to best advantage. We’ll tell you what looks good on you and take the guesswork out of shopping, no more mistakes just smart clothing choices.

Together we’ll work out your clothing personality by looking at shop look books and browsing through fashion magazines. We’ll find out a little bit more about your lifestyle and style aspirations and leave you with a positive attitude towards your image.

You will also receive an inventory of outfit ideas and store recommendations tailored to your shape and lifestyle.  Expect to feel inspired.

“Fashion says “me too!” style says “only me”.  – Anon

Size doesn’t matter, shape does

“If you’re uncomfortable in what you’re wearing it shows.  The biggest faux paus I see when I’m walking down the street is when girls don’t wear the right proportions for their body.” – Olivia Palermo