Is this you?

  • You want to dress better
  • You want to feel good about yourself
  • You want to incorporate the new trends into your wardrobe
  • Your closet is bursting at the seams with garments you don’t wear  – you need a wardrobe edit from the professionals
  • You are too busy to shop
  • You hate shopping. You find it stressful
  • You have lost yourself along the way and don’t know what works anymore

If anyone of these scenarios resonate with you it’s time for some style counsel.   A Style Counsel personal stylist can help change all of this and turn things around for the better.


Why choose Style Counsel:

  • Trained & accredited in colour, style and wardrobe techniques (London College of Fashion and Colour me Beautiful NZ)
  • Live locally, understand you the client
  • Won’t charge you Auckland prices and fully committed to giving you an exceptional experience and service
  • Down to earth approach will ensure you are relaxed and not intimidated
  • Can get you shop discounts and access to trade secrets


After working with Style Counsel you will:

  • Look stylish and younger
  • Have the tools to shop smarter and a clear direction in discovering your personal style
  • Have greater self confidence
  • Love your clothes and feel a sense of pride wearing them
  • Learn what works for you – saving time and money
  • Have an organised wardrobe with clothes that fit and flatter
  • Experience admiring glances and get lots of compliments
  • Look amazing every day!


If you want to get noticed a personal sylist can help. Book us in for a consult over a coffee or a glass of wine.

“A poorly dressed woman you notice the dress. A well-dressed woman you notice the woman.” Coco Chanel.