On-line Stylist – $150

You are a very busy lady and just don’t have the time or the energy to shop. You are also overwhelmed by the sheer mass selection out there or you could be bitterly disappointed by the lack of choices that fits your budget, event or body shape. We can alleviate the stress for you and show you endless choices via email. You have an event; you’ve left it last minute you need help! You may just want a capsule wardrobe for the new season ahead and want to see some options.


After analysing your on-line style questionnaire and understanding your needs we will curate your ideal looks from the best shops on the web and send you a portfolio of wardrobe ideas & hyperlinks to the sites. You will have your own ‘exclusive boutique’ of shoes and accessories and looks pertaining to you and you alone.  We build you a closet with styling notes so you can have the opportunity to buy anything you want from the comfort of your armchair,  in your own time. We do all the hard work.  You are our VIP.  Win-win.

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