One hour at your home – $65

How can you shop with confidence if you don’t know what colours flatter your skin tone? Recommended as the first appointment in your style discovery journey.  The choices you make in the colours of your clothing, create lasting impressions. Image can improve our life or sabotage it. Colour reflects who we are and enhances our natural look.


Wearing the right colours:

  • Makes you feel uplifted and radiant
  • Illuminates your face and makes you look younger and fresher
  • Minimises wrinkles


Wearing the wrong colours:

  • Washes you out
  • Overwhelms – wears you rather than you wearing the colour
  • Casts shadows under your eyes and emphasizes wrinkles

We take things a step further, by fine tuning and adjusting seasonal colours to suit you individually. We look at you as an individual rather than a broad season. This is a great stepping stone in refining your personal style.

For greater shopping confidence we can order you personalised swatches as a guide to build better outfits.  Now you can check the clothes in the store against your colour palette and never buy a colour that washes you out again but only enhances your natural beauty.


What we do:

  • Drape you make-up free in colour drapes under natural light
  • Look at how your hair, skin and eye colour interact to give you your unique colour palette
  • Determine what your dominant colouring or season is
  • Tell you what colours suit and why
  • Explain how to integrate the colours into your wardrobe

We leave you with a personalised colour workbook and a life time investment in which colours flatter you the most.

We also offer girl’s night-in parties, hen nights and group parties in style & colour.  Find out more.